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Memory Care

Memory Care at Aster Gardens

Memory care is a form of specialized care that caters to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, other related dementias, and other memory concerns. Our memory care neighbourhoods provide 24-hour supervised attention, care, and support. In order to successfully care for individuals living in our memory care neighbourhoods, we developed the Optima Living Memory Care Program which is rooted in person-centred care and draws on our own experience, clinical best practice, and evidence-informed research. 

Through this program, we seek to support individuals by creating unique, engaging, luxurious, comfortable, and safe spaces to call home. Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality of life to people living with memory concerns through the provision of quality care enriched with love, respect, and trust in a safe and comfortable environment.

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Person-Centred Care

The guiding principle of our Optima Living Memory Care Program is person-centred care based on values, compassion, empathy, respect, love, and dignity. Its essence is woven into each of the program’s four pillars, as outlined on the following pages, and has driven the development of this program from the physical design of our space, to our care partner training, and the various offerings we provide to individuals living at Aster Gardens.

We will support you through an individualized approach in which you will have an equal say in each decision made regarding your care. We want to know your story, who you are, what you like, what you hope for, and how you want to live. 

Person-centred care is more than just words, it is a lived experience.

Memory Care Pillars

Home Home should reflect a resident's values, interests, and hobbies to help foster a healthy and enjoyable life. Residents will thrive in an environment that they can call home.
Holistic Tailored to the needs of your mind, body, and spirit, the Memory Care holistic program supports your ability to think, remember, and live an enjoyable life.
Meaningful Relationships The Memory Care program will foster inclusivity and social engagement, promote meaningful relationships, and enhance your quality of life.
Safety and Quality of Care With our high-quality infection standards, the use of technology such as motion sensors, and intentional design that will minimize falls and maximize natural light, you can rest assured that we have thought through everything.