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Safety and Quality of Care

We have carefully designed Aster Gardens to keep you happy, healthy, and safe. With our high-quality infection standards, the use of technology such as motion sensors, and intentional design that will minimize falls and maximize natural light, you can rest assured that we have thought through everything. Each Care Partner will ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

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At Aster Gardens, we adopt new advancements in technology that we feel resonate with our mission, goals and values.

Therefore, you can expect to see and use technology that supports you by:

• Maintaining an active brain through engagement in brain health activities such as Mind Triggers, an iPad application that provides brain health-promoting games and activities through stimulating the connections in the brain.

• Preventing situations that may confuse, upset, or prove dangerous for individuals through the use of centralized lighting systems that can dim or brighten lights throughout neighbourhoods and rooms. 

• Using a centralized nursing call system so that care partners can identify and respond to situations promptly.

• Monitoring key entrances and exits through the use of fob-accessible doors, and cameras at entry/exit points.

• Monitoring unusual movements through the use of pendants allow care partners to respond to emergencies or falls in an efficient and safe manner.

• The provision of a Gravity Motion bed, allowing individuals to adjust the height of their head or feet while on the bed for maximum comfort.

Infection Control

Our communities, care partners, and visiting individuals will be held to the highest standard of cleanliness and safety to ensure your health and safety. Aster Gardens complies with all government infection control standards including sanitation practices, the use of gowns, gloves, and masks, and visitation standards. 

During times of heightened infection risks, our communities will ensure that everyone receives the best care possible while maintaining infection control protocols. With possible restrictions on visitation and requirements for screening procedures, we will ensure everyone is still able to engage with their families and maintain meaningful relationships. This may be done through the use of online meeting platforms such as FaceTime and Zoom, engagement in socially distanced activities when possible, and the continuous promise to evolve our procedures in line with evidence-informed practices and government protocols. 

We will always do what is in the best interest of you and your loved ones, prioritizing not only your physical health, but also your mind, body, and spirit.

Quality of Care

Our care partners will be trained, and continuously supported, in person-centred care. We will ensure that individuals living in our memory care neighbourhoods are valued in their choices and how they wish to direct their care and live their life while focusing on brain health and safety.

Quality of care includes: 

• Specialized training and care partner development, with an emphasis on communication, meaningful activities, and team building. Care Partners will be trained in the Optima Memory Care Program led by leaders in dementia care education, focused on empathy, communication, building connections and relationship-based care.

• Increased care partner to resident ratios, maximizing productivity and quality time spent with individuals. truly fostering a meaningful relationship with healthy communication and a person-centred approach.

• An open-door policy promoting healthy team relationships, where all questions, concerns, and opinions are welcomed and respected. We want you to know and feel that the Aster Gardens family operates as a cohesive unit built on trust, happiness, empathy and passion for what we do.