Experience Aster Gardens

The unique and inventive approach places Aster Gardens into a class of its own. Local engagement, freedom of choice, and comfort informed every design decision in the building. These decisions were made with one thing in mind—or, more specifically, one person: you. Encouraging wellbeing, happiness, and belonging are at the heart of our community— from ground floor to rooftop garden, from root to petals. 

Your Home Thoughtfully-assembled two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio suites are available to choose from, each with modern touches and conveniences.
One bedroom senior apartment options with unique floor plans
Dining Have a first-class meal in any of seven dining areas: the main and private dining rooms, atrium, bistro, lounge, pub, or rooftop patio. Intimate dining with family and friends is always on the menu.
A senior couple toasting with glasses of water
Amenities At Aster Gardens, we offer a range of community amenities to support a full and independent lifestyle.
An elderly man while reading a book at Aster Gardens
Living Options We give meticulous consideration to the care available to our residents, enabling all to live with peace of mind. Our living options and care models were designed with you in mind. In the health-conscious world we live in, no corners can be cut.
A senior couple smiling and sitting together while holding their hands at Aster Gardens
Intentional Design Designed by award-winning creative specialists DIALOG, every inch of space produces a feeling of meaningful engagement.
An interior view of Aster Gardens common area
Your Budget Quality care is more affordable than you might think. Use our affordability calculator worksheet to get an idea of costs at Aster Gardens.
A hand holding a pen and typing on a calculator