Your home should be a space that visibly and emotionally feels warm and comfortable. The space around you should reflect your wants and needs to provide you with a safe space to design, adjust, personalize, and feel comfortable in. Your home should reflect your values, interests, and hobbies to help you foster a healthy and enjoyable life. This is what we promise to provide at Aster Gardens.

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Physical Space

Aster Gardens is a purpose-built residence with an innovative, modern design that accommodates you. Each of the Optima Living Memory Care Neighbourhoods feature 12 private suites situated around a shared community space and dining area. They are built with naturally lit and engaging spaces, soothing colours, non-patterned floors, and personalized doors. Each of these design elements were selected based on evidence which indicated that they support individuals with memory concerns by minimizing confusion, maximizing familiarity, facilitating recognition, encouraging participation in activities, and more.

Each suite is equipped with:

• Gravity Motion Bed: a double bed designed to allow adjustment of head and leg positions supporting bed transfers, safety, and minimizing stagnant positions.

• Nightstand

• Dresser

• Chair (optional)

• Private bathroom with locked cabinetry for storage and maximized visibility and lighting, including toilet seat lighting, to minimize falls and ensure safety.

Individuals living in our Memory Care Neighbourhoods can also personalize their home with furniture, pictures, wall art, and a TV if desired. We strongly encourage building a home that is familiar to each individual, therefore supporting their brain health and comfort.


Research has shown that exercise, nutrition, and sleep are key components of maintaining a healthy brain. Therefore, our team will work with each individual living in the Memory Care Neighbourhoods to identify activities they would like to participate in and support them in maintaining an active, social, and meaningful lifestyle within the community through the use of our exceptional amenities.

Some of the amenities that individuals will have access to on a scheduled basis will include:

• Grab-and-Go Bistro where individuals can access healthy snacks throughout the day

• Spa where individuals may go to relax or receive a massage to facilitate better sleep

• Salon services where individuals can enjoy hair care, hair colouring and/or nail services

• Pool with walking jets to promote physical and social activities in a safe space

• Gym to promote physical health

• Pub to engage with other individuals in a social setting

• Theatre to enjoy a fun entertaining experience

• Rooftop patio with a walking path, garden, and putting green

• Lounges catered to specific activities including a library and games room

Floor Plans

Every floor at Aster Gardens is convenient, accessible, and full of amenities. From our fully-equipped ground floor to the rooftop patio, you'll feel welcome everywhere you go. Have a swim on the ground floor pool, grab a bite in the second and third floor bistro or lounge, or have a drink in the fourth floor pub. No matter where you go, you'll find open spaces, natural light, and the smiling faces of your friends. Welcome home!

A floorplan view of the six floors of Aster Gardens