We are a family, made up of residents, their families, and care partners. We are an understanding, meaningful, and loving unit and we promise to treat one another as such before anything else. We want to ensure you live in a space which fosters inclusiveness and social engagement, promotes meaningful relationships, and enhances quality of life.

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A young woman comforting a senior woman in elderly care

Care Partners

At Aster Gardens, we refer to care aides, resident care attendants, support workers, and caregivers as care partners. We truly believe that we are partners in care who provide support, person-centred care, and assistance to you. We are here to promote your independence, create and maintain relationships, and provide a care service centred around you.

Community Partners

At Optima Living, we are always on a mission to improve—to learn more about what it means for seniors to be at home in our communities. We reach out to knowledge leaders and community partners who help us offer all the ingredients required for healthy, active, and fulfilling days. Each partner is carefully selected to bring us unique skills, experience, and knowledge, allowing Aster Gardens to provide the best quality of care possible. Some examples include:

  • Psychiatrists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Dieticians

  • Speech and Language Therapists

  • Recreational Therapists

  • Spiritual Health

  • Palliative Care Specialists

  • Alberta Health Services

  • Local Schools

  • Local Churches

  • Music Therapists

  • Laboratory Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Laundry Services

  • Fire/Disaster Emergency Teams

  • Security Services

  • Infection Control

  • Volunteers

Using our own expertise and what we learn from knowledge partners including the University of Alberta and the University of Manitoba, Optima Living stands by our promise to provide the best-in-class care, focused on you, your family, and what evidence has shown will provide you with the greatest opportunities. 

In partnering with the University of Alberta and Dr. Adrian Wagg, Optima Living has brought a series of webinars to residents, families, and communities across British Columbia and Alberta. These webinars are designed to bring a source of information that is trusted, reliable, and rooted in evidence-based research, so that anyone can engage in health education and understand aspects of healthy ageing. We truly hope that through these webinars and sessions, our community can come together to provide individuals with the care they deserve and desire both inside and outside Aster Gardens.

Optima Living’s partnership with the University of Manitoba and Dr. Zahra Moussavi brings innovative technology and care to you, with the objective to support your brain health. Dr. Moussavi’s work and passion for healthy ageing led to the development of an application called Mind Triggers, dedicated to cognitive exercise, strengthening communication in the brain, and stabilizing the progression of dementia symptoms. Therefore, we partnered with Dr. Moussavi to not only bring her knowledge and expertise to our communities, but to bring her research- informed app to residents at Aster Gardens. 

Through our partnerships with these institutions, we at Optima Living remain committed to being a knowledge partner, thought leader, and a community of individuals who support you in living your best life.