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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about your community compared to retirement homes?

Active living, not retirement living: Aster Gardens is Sherwood Park’s newest community that will transform the way seniors experience daily life. It was specifically designed not as a retirement community, but as an active living community.

Design & construction: Every aspect of our building has been thoughtfully designed from the perspective of a resident. You will find short hallways, areas for creativity, learning, recreation, and gathering, and even green spaces for getting closer to nature. Purpose and intentionality permeate every corner of Aster Gardens. Apartments feature sturdy materials, innovative construction techniques, and tasteful interior fixtures and details.

There are many purpose-built areas for hosting our full range of amenities and care options for the most discerning seniors.

LocationLocated adjacent to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Park churches, down the block from the Strathcona County Health Centre and CapitalCare sites, and five minutes away from Sherwood Park Mall, Aster Gardens is advantageously located to let residents truly connect with their spiritual, physical, mental, and practical needs.

We hope Aster Gardens, full of spaces for creativity, learning, recreation, and gathering, will emerge as a hub for all members of the Sherwood Park community.

Why is it called Aster Gardens?

The name of our community was inspired by the aster flower. Native to Western Canada, its name is synonymous with stability, resilience, adaptability, and beauty. They thrive in any soil condition and reach their peak late in the season.

So, why the name Aster Gardens? Like the aster flower, Aster Gardens will be a community of resilient and adaptable residents living to their full potential on common soil, surrounded by a thriving, beautiful environment they can call home.

What if I don’t have my own doctor?

Aster Gardens will employ a full crew of registered medical experts, including doctors, nurses, and a pharmacist. We also have a spa, massages, and a salon offering aesthetic services like manicures and pedicures.

What if my needs change?

At Aster Gardens, our motto is Let Us Welcome You Home. We will work with every resident to ensure that they receive the level of care and support that they require to be truly safe and comfortable at home, regardless of how their needs evolve over time.

From dispensing daily medication to booking tee times, we are here to meet our residents’ every need and desire.

We offer Inclusive and Supportive lifestyle options, and our two Memory Care neighbourhoods will provide first-class care to residents who require that level of aid.

What does Memory Care look like?

Available for residents living with dementia and other cognitive challenges is our proprietary Optima Brain Health model, which has been carefully thought through to create an excellent standard of living.

Our Memory Care neighbourhoods have no hallways, full community participation, plenty of natural light and access to the outdoors, and family-style dining and engagement. Within these neighbourhoods are 24 apartments fully dedicated to Memory Care.

The engaging daily programming will be focused on keeping all of our residents sharp, fit, and involved.

What size is Aster Gardens?

Aster Gardens will consist of 157 apartments spread over six floors. It was designed to simultaneously blend in with the neighbouring environment and stand out as a community hub of creativity, learning, recreation, and gathering.

What sizes are the apartments?

Aster Gardens will feature beautiful, thoughtfully-designed studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments. The largest among them measure a spacious 800 square feet.

What is the lease period?

Residents will sign a 12-month lease. You always have the option to leave after the appropriate notice period.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Of course! Apartments come unfurnished, but furnished ones are available should you wish to come home to something brand new.

What types of activities will there be?

Every day, our residents can take part in lunch-and-learns, card games, shopping, rooftop gardening, festive events, swimming in the on-site pool, and so much more.

We will be collaborating with the local churches on how to arrange community-minded activities, and the concierge is on hand to schedule your next tee time, restaurant reservation, or night on the town.

Can I invite family or friends for meals and visits?

We encourage it! Aster Gardens was designed with complete choice in mind, including the choice to socialize with whomever you would like.

Take family meals in any of our six dining areas, including the main dining room, the grab-and-go bistro, and the pub. Entertain your friends on the rooftop patio and garden complete with a putting green, planting areas, and walking paths. Your visitors can even stay overnight.

What will the meals be like?

In any of our six dining areas, residents can enjoy first-rate meals prepared by our Red Seal Chefs. The Red Seal program is the standard-bearer for culinary excellence, and their certified chefs epitomize gastronomic creativity, quality, and excellence.

For dining in, all apartments will include kitchenettes with microwaves and refrigerators to allow residents to have full control over what, when, and where they eat.

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