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August 14 – Achieving Mental and Physical Health Webinar

Friday, August 14th – Webinar video posted at 3 pm Mtn, 2 pm Pacific Watch at your convenience As we age, maintaining our bodies only becomes more important and more challenging. But with the right help, anything is possible! Join our webinar on August 14th, “Achieving Mental & Physical Health.” Dr. Adrian Wagg will be… Read more »

Preparing for Transition

aster gardens wisteria place optima living seniors home retirement residence

Deciding to move into an active living residence for the first time is a major decision in the life of every senior, and there is a lot to consider. Let the Optima Living team help you. On our July 8th Online Community Coffee Time, we discussed everything you need to keep in mind when making… Read more »

Capturing Memories: Remembering Your Life and Family

memories coffee time Lauren Billey photography

Why is photography important? Whether it’s from your phone or a camera, it is more crucial than ever to document your everyday life in a series of images to look back on and remember. How can you get started? It’s easy! Start off with a camera or a camera phone and challenge yourself to take… Read more »

Downsizing: Discovering Happiness Through Simple Living

a couple looks over their downsizing options

Discover the joy in downsizing Live a life surrounded by nothing but that which truly makes you happy! Follow Marie Kondo’s simple method of only hanging on to the objects that bring you pure joy. Simply take up one thing at a time and, piece by piece, ask yourself if it sparks joy. If not,… Read more »

Ageing Fearlessly in the Era of COVID-19

Are you, or someone you love, a senior looking to manage living in a world affected by COVID-19? Aster Gardens is here to help. Watch our April 30th webinar with Dr. Adrian Wagg. With viewers from all over Alberta, Dr. Wagg discussed the best ways to handle these uncertain times, live with confidence, and thrive as… Read more »

How to Declutter Your Space During Isolation

During a time such as this, when most of us are staying inside and getting closely acquainted with our homes, we may have discovered just how many things we’ve collected over the years! After some time, the objects you surround yourself with may start to feel like clutter. That’s when you know it is time… Read more »

Staying Safe in the Era of COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates

Be cautious, stay connected. By now, you’ve likely heard talk of COVID-19, also referred to as the Coronavirus. In the face of a global event of this magnitude, it’s important to take proactive steps to protect yourself, your community, and your loved ones. To that end, we here at Aster Gardens can offer tips and… Read more »

Navigating Memory and Ageing

It is well understood that as we age, our memories begin to decline. There are, however, some myths that deserve to be busted regarding the relationship between age and memory. For example, memory and other cognitive functions are not in inexorable declines; some things may worsen, and others will not. Short-term memory may start to… Read more »