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November 25th: Why Move Now?

Aster Gardens and other Optima Living communities like Wild Rose and Country Cottage will transform the way seniors experience daily life. They are designed to be vibrant active living communities. If you’re curious about the dynamic, meaningful, and healthy standard of living we can offer seniors, join the leaders of the Aster Gardens team for… Read more »

December 16th: Meet the Aster Gardens Team

Come visit us (safely) at the Sherwood Park Farmer’s Market and learn more about Aster Gardens! The Aster Gardens team will be there on December 16th from 2-7 PM. The indoor Sherwood Park Farmer’s Market is located at #160, 201 Festival Way (formerly the Planet Organic). Please give us a call at (780) 902-7837 for… Read more »

Q&A with Aster Gardens: Pets

Pets are Family at Aster Gardens! Aster Gardens was designed with you (and your pets) in mind! In our October 28th online Q&A session, we discussed how Aster Gardens will welcome residents home. For informative and interesting resources for seniors, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Stages, Treatment

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by changes in the brain that impact memory, cognitive skills, and the ability to carry out everyday tasks. It can be a mentally and emotionally overwhelming disease for both patients and their families, as it influences an individual’s ability to lead a healthy, active, and independent life. However, there are many… Read more »

The Wedge: An Aster Gardens Innovative Design

Optima Living’s Aster Gardens is an innovative seniors’ living community built to promote active lifestyles and meet the specific tastes and needs of its residents. The building and all of its amenities were designed with residents in mind, considering their needs every step of the way. One of these architectural innovations is called the Wedge,… Read more »

Finding a Sense of Purpose

Helping seniors maintain good mental health is of vital importance to us at Optima Living. We want to help keep our community informed! In this webinar, Dr. Wagg discusses the best ways to ensure long-lasting mental health at any stage of life, and how purposefulness and gratitude can impact it. Subscribe to the Optima Living… Read more »

Meet Dan, the Aster Gardens Construction Site Superintendent

Dan is the Superintendent for Aster Gardens, an Optima Living community built by Pagnotta Construction. Linda Portsmouth, Our Community Leasing Coordinator, sat down with him for a short interview, so our future residents could get to know who is getting their new home built!   Tell us about yourself! I was born at the Misericordia… Read more »

Q&A with Aster Gardens and Dr. Moussavi

In this Q&A, we discussed Dementia Memory Care and the innovative Mind Triggers app developed by Dr. Zahra Moussavi and her team at the University of Manitoba. She shares how she hopes this innovative app will support better health for those living in the Aster Gardens Memory Care neighbourhoods. To learn more about Memory Care,… Read more »

Coping With Alzheimer’s with Dr. Moussavi


Alzheimer’s disease affects thousands of families across the country. Helping your affected family members cope can be difficult, but Optima Living is here to help you. In this conversation with Optima Living Principal Ali Shivji, Dr. Zahra Moussavi—Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program at the University of Manitoba, Professor, and Canada Research Chair—discusses how to… Read more »

Optima Living hosts local MLA Jordan Walker on tour of Aster Gardens

In a tour of Optima Living’s most recent seniors’ living community in Alberta, Jordan Walker, MLA for Sherwood Park, had an opportunity to see what this development will mean for the communities of Sherwood Park, Strathcona County and surrounding areas.  “I am so grateful to have toured Aster Gardens today,” he said during the tour… Read more »

Safe Exercises for Seniors

seniors exercising

As you gracefully age, you may notice your body does not move the way it used to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t move your body! There are so many ways to safely move around, get some exercise, and feel good. Not only does exercising help your body physically, it’s also a boon to your… Read more »

The Aster Gardens Apple Watch Contest

aster gardens Apple Watch contest giveaway

Enter our contest to win an Apple Watch! Aster Gardens invites seniors to stay fit and stay connected with the latest tech. Track your fitness and heart rate, answer calls and texts, pay for purchases, and much more: all from your wrist! Enter by October 12th. Here’s how to win: Entering is simple—just sign up for… Read more »

Achieving Mental and Physical Health

As we age, maintaining our bodies only becomes more important and more challenging. But with the right help, anything is possible! Watch our webinar “Achieving Mental & Physical Health.” In this webinar, Dr. Adrian Wagg discusses the best strategies and techniques for ensuring long-lasting health.

Discover Holistic Wellness

What is holistic wellness and how can it benefit you? Holistic health is an approach to life. Some say it’s part of the quest for “a better quality of life.” Rather than focusing on treating a symptom illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person, their body,… Read more »

Living With Dementia

living with dementia webinar Adrian Wagg

Does one of your loved ones have dementia, or are you living with dementia yourself? Watch our webinar with Dr. Adrian Wagg as we go over what it is like to live with dementia, and how to continue leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Subscribe to our newsletter to see more like this!

Tips for Caring For Loved Ones With Dementia

living with dementia Adrian Wagg

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging, yet so rewarding.  They may become irritable, frustrated, and sometimes angry without provocation. Even though it is not intentional, their families can still be wracked with feelings of emotional and mental drain or guilt. Some common thoughts in caregivers are Am I helping enough? or… Read more »

Healthy Relationships and Longevity

healthy relationships age

The old saying goes “happy wife, happy life.” But, as we now know, the truth of the matter is much more complex. As study after study has shown, strong relationships of both romantic and platonic natures can influence your health just as much as ample sleep, a good diet, and not smoking. The Benefits The… Read more »

Seniors and Sex: Debunk the Myths

As we age, sexuality and intimacy continue to be important for a full, meaningful, and healthy life. Watch our webinar, in which Dr. Adrian Wagg and Optima Living Principal Ali Shivji discuss the health challenges of intimacy and the myths surrounding sexuality and ageing.

Be Agile, Not Fragile: Are You at Risk of Breaking a Bone?

Did you know that up to 73% of seniors have a fear of falling? Many of those people restrict their activities as a result. The best way to protect yourself from a fall is to ensure that you have the strength to overcome it! And that comes from strong bones. Our team wants to help… Read more »

Downsizing: Discovering Happiness Through Simple Living

a couple looks over their downsizing options

Discover the joy in downsizing Live a life surrounded by nothing but that which truly makes you happy! Follow Marie Kondo’s simple method of only hanging on to the objects that bring you pure joy. Simply take up one thing at a time and, piece by piece, ask yourself if it sparks joy. If not,… Read more »

Maintaining Bladder Health

bladder health Adrian Wagg

As part of our ongoing effort to supply our community with information that will benefit them, the Optima Living collaborated with Dr. Adrian Wagg—the Alberta Health Services Chair in Healthy Ageing—for a new video series: Maintaining Bladder Health. In these short and informative videos, Dr. Wagg discusses types of incontinence, how to deal with it,… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

aster gardens frequently asked questions

What is different about your community compared to retirement homes? Active living, not retirement living: Aster Gardens is Sherwood Park’s newest community that will transform the way seniors experience daily life. It was specifically designed not as a retirement community, but as an active living community. Design & construction: Every aspect of our building has been… Read more »

Ageing Fearlessly in the Era of COVID-19

Are you, or someone you love, a senior looking to manage living in a world affected by COVID-19? Aster Gardens is here to help. Watch our April 30th webinar with Dr. Adrian Wagg. With viewers from all over Alberta, Dr. Wagg discussed the best ways to handle these uncertain times, live with confidence, and thrive as… Read more »

Aster Gardens in the News

Aster Gardens is in the Sherwood Park news

Sherwood Park News reporter Travis Dosser is helping keep Strathcona County informed about Aster Gardens, writing about both our ongoing construction development and our very popular Online Community Coffee Times! To read “Virtual coffee chats proving popular in the Park,” click here. To read “Construction continues on $45M Aster Gardens complex,” click here. We love… Read more »